West Coast Hiking, Lagos Algarve Portugal, Vicentine Coast & Rota Vicentina


MY original, signature west coast adventure experience

This is the tour that started it all, the result of years of tinkering and refining.

Join me and a small team of other like-minded adventurers for a small-group experience designed to connect us with our surroundings, our senses, our companions, and ourselves. 

This is a journey that rewards us with a sense of accomplishment that comes only after some good-old-fashioned hard work, and a sense of appreciation that comes only when we slow down, open our eyes, and move with purpose.

After squeezing every last drop out of the day, dinner and wine under the stars never felt so sweet.

West Coast Hiking, Lagos Algarve Portugal, Vicentine Coast & Rota Vicentina

did i mention dinner under the stars?

The sunset is not the end of our adventure, but the beginning of a new one: Under world-class starry skies, we'll settle down at last to enjoy our well-earned reward:


A delicious, nourishing, home-made picnic dinner of Algarvian tapas, highlighting the region's rich and diverse tradition of flavors and delicacies, and (almost) endless local wine.

this is deep exploration:

We'll not only leave the crowds and the beaten path behind: We'll leave all signs of civilization, and all paths whatsoever, way behind us as we go deep into the coast's most wild & undiscovered landscapes. 


To get there, we'll need to use our hands, hearts, and whole bodies, and come face-to-face with the coast's many surprising mysteries, histories, dramas, textures & rhythms.

West Coast Hiking, Lagos Algarve Portugal, Vicentine Coast & Rota Vicentina

small group, big adventure

Let's remember together the joy of disconnecting from our screens and reconnecting with our fellow humans. 


By keeping groups small (1-9 people), we can become more than a group of strangers walking together: We become a team working together toward a common goal.


I follow strict COVID protocols to assure we stay safe while we learn & grow together.

West Coast Hiking, Lagos Algarve Portugal, Vicentine Coast & Rota Vicentina

If you have questions not answered below, you can read my detailed trip description, then read the FAQ Page for even more details. Finally, Contact me if you still have questions.

PRICE (for 2021)

July, Aug, Sept: €99/person

April, May, June, Oct: €84/person

Special discounts available! Learn more HERE.

Book with confidence: Free cancellations, refunds, and postponements up to 1 week before tour day.


-- Two adventure hikes, through two very different West Coast landscapes. 

-- Dinner & wine: See above and below for details

-- Transportation: See below for details.

-- Equipment rental: backpacks, jackets, beach towels, water bottles, and face masks available, as needed.

-- Insurance: You're totally covered, just in case.


Available from Lagos in my big old Volkswagen van, with the windows down (& music up!), filled to 1/2 capacity only, per Portugal COVID regulations. It's easy to use your own car, however, and join us outside only.


This is a full-day 8+ hour experience. So, throw on your shoes & backpack, and let me take care of the rest of your day. It will be a memorable one. 


Don't worry: We are not hiking the whole time! There is much more to the experience than just that. We spend about 4 hours actually hiking. 

Departure/return TIMes

We depart between 1 - 3pm and return between 9-11pm, or later, depending on the time of sunset.


There is no better activity for these strange times: The entire experience takes place outdoors in fresh, open air, with a brisk sea breeze for good measure.
Regardless, I do everything I can to create a safe and worry-free travel experience, and take pride in my planning, diligence, and safety protocols.
Read more: My COVID Promise


My tours are designed to be inclusive and accessible to most all people. However, it is also a physical experience, by nature, and so there are a few basic requirements: 

  • A normal-good level of health and fitness.

  • The desire to get your hands dirty and put in some good old-fashioned hard work.

  • The ability to (potentially) stretch your comfort zone in moments, all while maintaining a smile :)

  • A sense of curiosity and spirit for adventure.

GROUP TOUR: 17+ only.
PRIVATE TOUR: All ages! Discover my Private Tours.

special diets & ALLERGIES

Dinner is healthy, fresh, and friendly to (almost) all eaters, including veggie, vegan, and gluten-free. Meat, cheese, and bread are served on the side, so you can decide.


In normal years, trips depart most days. For 2021, availability depends on demand. To check tour dates, simply Request a Booking and we'll go from there. 


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(+351) 918-903-899

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