hey there, adventurer :)

I'm 'T.J.' and I'll be your guide.

It's just me here: No big company or investors, no secretary or web designer. Although I'm super grateful to many people for their awesome help, it's really just me... well, me and my trusty van, "Mo." Can't forget about Mo.

Much has changed since I began this project over 7 years ago; and yet, in most ways, nothing much has changed. It's still me and Mo (I told you she's trusty), and I still run it all on the very same fuel as before: The same intentions and approach, the same principles and mission. 

For me, this is more than just my business: It's a reflection of my passions and values, an expression of my own small vision of this special little piece of planet Earth.

My guiding principles:

I create experiences that share my LOVE for movement, adventure, & discovery; for wild places, open spaces, & secluded beauty; for hands-on encounters, out-of-the-ordinary experiences, and journeys of mind & body; for having a breeze on the face, the stars as a ceiling, & the destination unknown.


I craft adventures that reflect my BELIEF that direct experience with nature is good for both the walker & the world; that the views never feel bigger than after some good, old-fashioned hard work, first; that nature cannot be experienced from afar, & experience cannot be flattened onto a screen; that the frenzy of modern life must be balanced with moments of wonder, stillness & surprise.

I am driven by my personal EXPERIENCE that the sincerity, passion, humility & character of a business is at least as important as it's product; that it's better to build one thing really well than a lot of things sort-of well; that what you love, others will too, if you just show them how.

And I run it all on a HOPE to create something not just fun, but meaningful; to not do more, but to do better; to measure my success not by traditional values but by the amount of wisdom, wonder & well-being I can give & receive; and to always stick close to my values, as a person and a business.


My qualifications, or Why you can trust me to be your guide :)

I have been an outdoor guide and educator for seven years. I have professional certifications in Wilderness First Response (First Aid), and "middle mountain" hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing. I studied at the National Outdoor Leadership School, International Wilderness Leadership School, any more.

In addition, I have spent much of my personal life trekking in wilderness environments, from the high Himalayas to the Andes, Alps, Atlas, and Rocky mountains; from the highlands of Scotland to the deserts of Jordan, volcanos of Central America, and glaciers of Patagonia. Most recently, in 2020, I completed a full traverse of the Pyrenees, from Atlantic to Mediterranean, in 42 days... It was awesome.

My story, or How I got to here.

I have spent my adult life traveling far-and-wide in search of adventure, movement, connection, clarity, and the Great Outdoors. For me, the outdoors is both the best playground and the best classroom. It is where I feel most complete, most ready to wrestle with the difficult questions, most able to connect with the things I find most valuable.


My explorations have taken me from by birthplace in North America to most every corner of the globe. In the end, I found what I was looking for -- and much more I didn't know I was looking for -- right here, at the Western edge of Europe, and I created this tiny business to share what I'd discovered.


My mission: Responsible nature travel.

I aim to provide not only a great experience for my guests, but to protect and care for this coastline -- which has given me so much -- along the way.


My tours are infused with an ethic of respect for the natural world. Not only do I ensure we leave minimal impact, but that we leave it better. I also host regular  Coastal Cleanups where we can really, well, clean up!

Most importantly: By sharing this unique place, I aim to deepen our connections with the natural world; educate on our impacts; empower my guests to be active and responsible caretakers of nature; and encourage them to spread the love to the people and places they encounter back at home

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