Let's talk about money.

it's importaNt, but it's not everything...

If you compare the price of my tour to similar tours around, you'll find that there are no similar tours around ;) You'll also find, simply, that you get what you pay for

I really believe in my product, and I'm confident you'll find it well worth the price (others seems to agree).


However, I really do not want money to be the thing that prevents you from having this experience.

So, if you sincerely cannot afford my prices, I'd like to offer you a discount:

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To claim a discount below, please mention it in your booking request and tell me why the discount applies to you.

Remember: I'm not Amazon: It's just me here. Please be honest about your needs, and I will be happy to help.

Student & "backpacker" discounts - 10%

I've been there, I know what it's like. If you are a currently enrolled student or a backpacker on an extended travel (not just on holidays... you know who you are), then I want to help.

Return guest - 10%

Coming back for another adventure? Share your discount with a travel buddy.

Other special needs - 10%+

Will a discount truly make the difference for you? Just write to me, or tell me about it in your booking: What's your story? Why do you want to come on this tour? How will a discount make all the difference? I think we can work something out :)