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Algarve West Coast Walking Hiking & Outdoor Adventure Tours, Lagos Portugal, Costa Vicentina & Rota Vicentina



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My signature, full-package West Coast experience

This is my quintessential adventure: A handcrafted day-trip adventure deep into the most wondrous corners of the coastline, finishing at the edge of Europe for a magical sunset picnic dinner.

There is no checklist itinerary here. Each tour is crafted from scratch, each adventure unique and unpredictable. 
All of my adventures, however, are built from four essential parts...

A secret and secluded beach on the Algarve's West Coast.
Part 1: Orientation
Setting the stage.


Using maps and storytelling, we begin by building a foundation of awareness that will deepen the experience to come. Then, we'll hop in my old van and drive West through the Algarve countryside to the remote Costa Vicentina Natural Park.

>> 1 + hour


Part 2: Exploration
The action & adventure.

We'll hike across Portugal's tallest cliffs, most awesome landscapes, and most secluded beaches. We'll immerse ourselves in the natural world, and learn the land's many mysteries and histories. Maybe, we'll swim in the sea. We will work hard, but always at a relaxed pace, slowing down at every chance to learn, listen, play, feel, and soak it all up.

>> 5 hours

Adventurous hiking on the Algarve's wild West coast and Costa Vicentina.
Algarve Sunset Walking Hiking & Outdoor Adventure Tour, Cape of St. Vincent, Sagres, Algarve, Portugal.

Part 3: Dinner & Sunset
The reward for our efforts.

Our journey ends at Europe's most remote Southwestern edge in time for a magical West Coast sunset. As the sun falls into the ocean, we'll enjoy a surprising cliff-top picnic dinner featuring a host of homemade Algarvian flavors, both traditional & adventurous, plus wine, stories, and more. This is a one-of-a-kind foodie experience all on it's own! 

>> 1.5 hours.


Part 4: Back to civilization
The return...

All great journeys finish back where they started... We will return from our journey under the cover of darkness, feeling refreshed, rewarded, and ready for a good night sleep, guaranteed. I'll even drop you off at your door in Lagos :) 

>> 45 min (sleep time not included).

Algarve Sunset Walking Hiking & Outdoor Adventure Tours, Lagos Portugal, West Coast, Costa Vicentina & Rota Vicentina

This is my Classic Adventure recipe:

Now pick your flavor :

Small group tours: Walking, hiking, and outdoor adventure tours to the Algarve's west coast and costa vicentina natural park, Lagos Portugal.

1. Group Tour
Small group, big adventure.

Join a small group and share the experience (and the cost!) with a team of like-minded adventurers, all working together toward our goal.

Max tour size: 6-12 guests.

>> For solo travelers, couples & groups up to 5.

Private tours: Walking, hiking, and outdoor adventure tours to the Algarve's west coast and costa vicentina natural park, Lagos Portugal.

2. Private Tour
An adventure just for you.

Create a Private Tour, and I will craft the experience to match your group's unique hopes & dreams, no matter how bold or modest they are.


Best for groups of 6-16 people

>> For families, friends & groups of any kind.

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Algarve Sunset Walking Hiking & Outdoor Adventure Tours, Lagos Portugal, West Coast, Costa Vicentina & Rota Vicentina
Pricing & Details

If you have questions not answered here, read my detailed trip description and FAQ Page for more details. Then, Contact me if you still have questions.

For Private Tours, all details below are adjustable.

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PRICE (2024)




  • Peak Season (August, September): €105/person

  • High Season (April - July, October ): €99/person

  • Low Season: (Nov - March): €89/person


Some discounts available: See HERE.



  • Starts at €450. See prices HERE


Full-day, 8+ hours.


From afternoon 'til after dark. 


Approximate tour times:

  • Winter: 11:00am - 7:30pm

  • Spring + Autumn: 12:00pm-8:30pm

  • Summer (Early/Late): 1:00pm - 9:30pm

  • Summer (Mid): 2:00pm-10:30pm


Trips depart about 3-4 times per week from April through October, with trips "on demand" in the off-season as well. Request a Booking and we'll find a day that works for you. 


  • Dinner, wine, & water: See below for details.

  • Transportation: From Lagos or West of Lagos. 

  • Equipment rental: Backpacks, jackets, towels, etc.

  • Insurance + a trained & licensed guide: Me!


My tours are designed to be inclusive and accessible to people of all kinds. However, they are also active, physical experiences and so require... 

  • A normal-good level of health and fitness.

  • The desire to put in a bit of hard work.

  • The ability to overcome challenges with a smile :)

  • A sense of curiosity & spirit for adventure.

PRIVATE TOURS are customized to meet your group's interests and abilities, no matter how bold or modest.


GROUP TOUR16+ only.



Dinner is a delicious picnic of locally-inspired tapas & wine, highlighting the regions rich & diverse tradition of flavors. It's healthy, fresh, and friendly to most all eaters, including veggie, vegan, & gluten-free: Meat, cheese, & bread are served on the side. I can try to accommodate other diets, if needed. 

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