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Guided, all-inclusive pilgrimage walks to the 'End of the World' 

A hand-crafted adventure travel experience along the Vicentine Way with camping or rural accommodation.

Join me for a mythical multi-day backpacking experience along the Algarve's magical Costa Vicentina to the End of the World, the goal of pilgrims, like us, for thousands of years. ​

Our journey takes us trekking across Portugal's tallest cliffs and Western Europe's last remaining and best preserved coastal wilderness. With patience, teamwork, and good effort, we will uncover the coast's many hidden mysteries up-close, hands-on, one-foot-at-a-time.

Along the way, we'll laugh, learn, tell stories, play games, relax, reflect, swim in the sea, watch the sunset, cook, taste local foods, and stargaze at world class starry skies.

Once we reach our destination, we will feel a sense of accomplishment, appreciation, and understanding that can only be felt after putting in the time and effort, going deep, moving slowly, and working together.

Image by Şahin Yeşilyaprak

private trips available on demand. contact me for more details.

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