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This is the West coast

this is not the algarve you were expecting...

Somewhere out there... beyond the bars & beach cafés, past the last paved road, to the very edge of the map... you will find a secret, surprising Algarve.


Okay, now picture a map of Europe in your head. Start way up in Scandinavia, now move in your mind's eye Southward, and Westward, as far as you can go, all the way to the very bottom-left corner of the map, the end of the continent, where the land finally gives way to the sea from horizon to horizon... 

This is the Algarve's West Coast and Costa Vicentina Natural Park, one of Western Europe's best protected and last remaining coastal wilderness, 130km of soaring cliffs, plunging ravines, untouched beaches, dramatic viewpoints, and overall awesome landscapes.

At the very end of the land, a rocky cape stands alone, bracing herself against the Atlantic's ceaseless waves: This is The End of the World, the most remote and revered corner of the continent, and the goal of pilgrims, like us, for thousands of years.

This land is my office, playground, classroom, backyard, and home. Join me and explore a side of Portugal few know exist.

West Coast Hiking, Lagos Algarve Portugal, Vicentine Coast & Rota Vicentina

let's take a JOURNEY to...



the end of Europe...

portugal-algarve map.jpg

The Algarve,

the end of Portugal...


The West Coast,

the end of the Algarve...

West Coast Hiking, Lagos Algarve Portugal, Vicentine Coast & Rota Vicentina

The cape of st. vincente,

The End of the World.

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