Hey there, adventurer :)

I'm 'T.J.' and I'll be your guide.

It's just me here: No big company or investors, no secretary or web designer. Just me... well, me and my trusty van, "Mo." Can't forget about Mo.

Much has changed since I began this project almost 8 years ago; and yet, in most ways, nothing has changed. It's still me and Mo (I told you she's trusty!), and I still run it all with the same intentions, approach, principles, and mission. 

For me, this is more than just a business: It's a reflection of my passions and values, and an expression of my personal vision of this special little piece of planet Earth.

I'd love to share it with you.

My values: It's not what I do, but why & how that's important.

I create experiences to share my LOVE for movement, adventure, & discovery; for wild places, open spaces, & secluded beauty; for hands-on encounters, out-of-the-ordinary experiences, and journeys of mind & body; for having a breeze on the face, the stars as a ceiling, & the destination unknown.


I craft adventures that reflect my BELIEF that direct experience with nature is good for both the walker & the world; that the views never feel bigger than after some good, old-fashioned hard work, first; that nature cannot be experienced from afar, & experience cannot be flattened onto a screen; that the frenzy of modern life must be balanced with moments of wonder, stillness & surprise.

I am driven by my personal EXPERIENCE that the sincerity, passion, humility & character of a business is at least as important as it's product; that it's better to build one thing really well than a lot of things sort-of well; that what you love, others will too, if you just show them how.

And I run it all on a HOPE to create something not just fun, but meaningful; to not do more, but to do better; to measure my success not by traditional values but by the amount of wisdom, wonder & well-being I can give & receive; and to always stick close to my values, as a person and a business.


My mission: Make the world we encounter just a bit better than before.

I aim to provide not only a great experience for you, but to protect, care for, and give back to this place along the way, a place which has given me so much.

By sharing this place, I aim to deepen our personal connections with the natural world; educate us on our impacts; empower us to be active and responsible caretakers of the natural world; and encourage us to spread the love to the people and places we encounter back home.

As well, I ensure that we actively leave the place better than we found it on each and every tour.

My story: A long strange trip it's been.

I have spent much of my adult life seeking adventure, movement, connection & clarity in the Great Outdoors. For me, the natural world is both the best playground and the best classroom. It is where I feel most complete, most ready to wrestle with the difficult questions, most able to connect with the things I find most valuable, most well-aligned. 


My adventuring has taken me from by birthplace in the middle of North America to most every corner of the globe. In the end, I found what I was looking for -- and much more I didn't know I was looking for -- right here, at the Western edge of Europe, and I created this tiny business to share what I'd discovered.


My qualifications: Why you can trust me to guide you into the wild :)

I have been a wilderness guide and educator for over 7 years. I have professional certifications in Wilderness First Response, and in hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing instruction. I have studied at the National Outdoor Leadership School, International Wilderness Leadership School, Alaska Mountain Guides, and more.

I have spent much of my personal life in wilderness environments, from the high Himalayas to the Andes, Alps, Atlas, and Rockies; from the highlands of Scotland to the deserts of Jordan, volcanos of Mexico, and glaciers of Patagonia. Most recently, in 2020, I completed a solo full traverse of the high Pyrenees Mountains, from Atlantic to Mediterranean, in 42 days.

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