What to bring on our adventure

This is not a flip-flop and board-shorts tour. To be prepared, there are a few things you will want to have. If you're missing anything from the list, or don't have room in your luggage to pack it, just let me know: I have extras of most things that you can borrow.

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Missing anything? Just ask! I have extras of most things and I'm happy to share.
✓  CLOTHING: You should dress for the mountains, not the beach. The weather where we go is totally different, highly variable, fast changing, and very windy! Do not be fooled: It can get cold even on the hottest summer days. I have lots of extra layers I can lend you to help out, as needed, but it's best to be as prepared as possible.
Here is what I recommend you bring:
  • Daytime: T-shirt and lightweight long sleeve shirt for top, shorts or light trousers/pants/leggings for bottom. 
  • Nighttime: Heavier jacket / jumper / sweater, plus wind / rain jacket for top. Bring long trousers / pants / leggings for the evening, you will be thankful!
✓  WATER: The last thing the world needs is more plastic waste, so please: Do not buy a disposable water bottle for this experience (or in general!). If you must, just make sure to re-use it many times. I recommend at least .75L/person carrying-capacity. I can refill you through the day. If you do not have a water bottle, I have extras for your use.
✓  CAMERA: I aim for you to experience this place through your senses, not screens, but still: everyone likes a good photo, so bring it along! Drones are not permitted. 
✓  CURIOSITY & A SENSE OF ADVENTURE: Arrive with these, or plan to leave with them.
✓  A BACKPACK... to put it all in!
  SHOES: Any type of athletic shoe (Nikes, Asics, etc.) will work great, as will hiking shoes. Big hiking boots are not necessary. Canvas shoes (Converse, Vans) and hiking sandals (Keens, Tevas) are not recommended, but will work. Any shoe without support (like flats) are highly discouraged. No flip-flops, of course. 
✓  SWIM WEAR: We might have the chance to swim on hot days, so pack it just in case. I can provide a towel.
✓  SNACKS: Dinner's not 'til sunset! Note: Our dinner involves lots of bread, so if you bring sandwiches for your snack you might feel overloaded with bread by the end of the day.
✓  A FEW EUROS: Just in case! 



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