Private & Custom Adventure

Private & Custom   Adventures

An adventure to match any spirit

A private hiking adventure for you and your family, friends, or large group.

No matter your hopes and dreams, there's an adventure out there for you. Let's go find it!

Algarve Hiking Adventures | Lagos
Custom Algarve hiking adventures | Lagos, Portugal
  • A full-day guided journey hand-crafted to meet your group's adventuring hopes and needs.

  • A visit to The End of the World, Europe's most remote corner. We'll experience this magical place like the early explorers: Away from crowds, feeling it's raw power up close.

  • Dinner, wine, & snacks: A big, home-made, hand-selected sunset picnic of local food & wine served family tapas-style, friendly to all ages and eaters, plus some snacks for the trail.

  • A sunset, stargazing & night walk: A West coast sunset is something to remember, but it's not the end of our day: We'll stay out late and squeeze every last drop out of the day. As the sky fades to dark, we'll finish our journey under starry skies, lantern light, and hushed tones.  

  • Stories, music, learning, laughs, surprises, and more :) ​



We typically depart between 1 - 3pm (depending on the time of year) and return after dark.


Starts at €350/group, but depends on details of your trip. For more exact pricing, see here, then Contact us for an estimate. 


Private trips are hand-crafted to meet the interests and abilities of your group: We can turn the level of adventure way up or way down, as needed. However, even our most gentle adventure requires a basic level of health, fitness, and hard-work. (It's a hike, after-all, not a van tour!) Most important is that your group has the right attitude: An open mind, sense of curiosity, and the spirit for movement and discovery.

None! Everyone from babies-on-backs to entire extended families can go adventuring. 
Typically, private tours are for medium-sized groups of 5-15 people, but all numbers are possible. Note: Price per-person goes down as group size goes up.


The full experience takes a full 8 hour day. However, we can adjust the timing as desired, from a half-day to many days. But remember: It takes time to appreciate the West coast, and there's lots we want to share with you. 



- Private Adventures are based on the Classic Adventure, and customized from there. So, it is helpful to learn about the Classic Adventure by seeing the tour page, and the in-depth trip description.

- Then, read the FAQ page, and Contact us for more info.

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