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I elbow-promise to do everything i can to keep us safe

These are strange, uncertain times. I'm doing everything in my power to reduce the uncertainty, and to keep us all safe and healthy while we're out adventuring together.


Fortunately, this experience is about the best thing you could choose to do these days: Groups are always small, and the tour takes place (almost) entirely outdoors, in fresh air, usually with a brisk sea breeze.

Here is what I am doing for 2021:

"Clean & Safe" Certified

I am certified by the Portuguese National Tourism Board and operate under their strict "Clean and Safe" health protocols (read more about it here). This includes professional training in conducting proper sanitation, hygiene, respiratory etiquette, social conduct, social distancing, self-monitoring, and group conduct. 


On tour, I use and provide hand sanitizer and face masks (respiratory barriers) and follow social distancing measures, even when outdoors.


I clean and disinfect my vehicles and gear before and after every tour. 


My big, spacious, 9 seat van will only be filled to 1/2 capacity, allowing one empty seat between each guest. As well, I always have the windows down (and music up!), and face masks are worn at all times.

As well, I am First Aid certified, and trained in the proper management and disposal of waste and other potentially-contaminated materials. 

only small-group and Private tours

I have always kept my tours small, which is more important now than ever. 


For 2021, I allow a maximum of 5 guests in the van at any time (which allows one empty seat between each guest). For private tours, where all guests are in the same "bubble", 7 guests are allowed in the van. As well, you can always drive your own car and just meet us for the hike :)


While outside hiking, groups are limited to 9 guests, and social distance is maintained. Remember, we are outside in the wild, so there is plenty of space.

Remember, private tours are available if you prefer!

we stay far away from other people

It has always been the point of this tour: We stay completely, totally away from busy and mass tourism sites... in fact, it's likely that we will not see another human the entire day. Really: I'll bring you places no other tourists go. Once out of the van, we will spend the whole day in secluded, natural, wide open outdoor spaces and small country roads. In fact, that's one of the core values I operate on.

flexible booking & cancellations

100% cancelation, refund, and/or postponement guarantee, no questions asked, up until 1 week before the tour date. Book with confidence. 

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