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Adventure experiences unlike any other 

Instead of offering many types of tours, we put our whole heart into creating one great big one: Hand-crafted, off-the-map hiking adventures that are made with love and utterly unique. 

We choose nature and remoteness over tourist destinations; intentional, mindful travel over hasty, superficial sightseeing; discovery and learning opportunities over photo opportunities; rustic, physical experiences over easy, mass-market ones.

Our trips blend active, hands-on adventure with the space to wander and and reflect, and we sprinkle it all with laughter, learning, music, and food

Join us for a rewarding, full-sensory outdoor experience unlike any other, a journey that will leave you sweaty, satisfied, inspired... and your belly full.

Did we mention the delicious homemade tapas and wine? 


Length: Full-Day, 9 hours

When: Late-afternoon until after dark

Includes: Dinner, wine, snacks, sunset, stargazing

Highlights: Two big adventure hikes; endless views; close-up-encounters; sunset from the End of the World; homemade picnic dinner & wine; world-class stargazing; chance to swim; and much, much more.

The original, quintessential West Coast experience, an adventure for body, mind, soul & stomach. This big, hands-on hiking experience takes us across Europe's most dramatic coastal landscapes on a one-of-a-kind journey to the magical, mystical End of the World





Length: Two days, one night

Includes: All food and accommodation (aka camping gear!)

Highlights: Sleeping under the stars; disconnecting from our devices; reconnecting with our senses; a West Coast sunset; visit to the End of the World; camp cooking; world-class stargazing; friend-making and team-bonding; feelings of accomplishment; and much more.

Sleep under the stars on our biggest adventure yet! This trip includes all the Classic trip does, plus much, much more. This is the biggest, most immersive experience you can get of this magical place, an adventure in the truest sense of the word.





Length: Half-Day, 5.5 hours

When: Early afternoon until early evening

Includes: Snacks, drinks

Highlights: Two adventure hikes to two secret, dramatic beaches only accessible by foot; wild swimming (optional); cliff-jumping (optional); beach exploring and games; homemade tapas

Escape the summer crowds & discover the Algarve's most awesomely secret beaches & swimming spots. This is an active beach adventure that combines hiking, playing, swimming, relaxing, & exploring along some of Europe's last untouched stretches of sand.






Length: From a half-day to many days

When: Typically late afternoon until nighttime (but up to you!)

Includes: Dinner, wine, snacks, sunset, stargazing (depends on details)

Highlights: A adventure hand-tailored for your group; a sunset from the historic End of the World; a homemade picnic dinner; world-class stargazing; and more (details depend on you: the day is yours!)

A one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure hand-tailored just for you and your family, friends, or group. Young or old, big or small, no matter your group's hopes and dreams, there's an adventure out there for you. Let's go find it!





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My advice? Adventure with me, then go on a whole new experience with these guys. They come personally recommended. Tell 'em T.J. said Hi! 

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