The original, quintessential West Coast Adventure experience.

This is our bread and butter, a journey to the edge of the map, an active, adventurous outdoor experience balanced with space for wonder, reflection, and appreciation. We'll use our hands, legs, hearts, and whole bodies to leave the beaten path and explore the coast's most surprising and undiscovered landscapes. Each trip is hand-crafted to bring us into harmony with our surroundings: The journey changes with the seasons, tides, stars, moon, weather, and whimsy. No two trips are alike. This is an outdoor adventure that rewards with that feeling of appreciation that only comes after some good old-fashioned hard work... The sunset picnic will never taste so good.

Algarve Hiking Adventures | Lagos
Algarve Hiking Adventures | Lagos
Algarve Hiking Adventures | Lagos
Algarve Hiking Adventures | Lagos
  • 2 hiking adventures, along two very different secret landscapes of the West Coast.

  • The End of the World, Europe's most remote corner. We'll experience this mystical piece of land like no one else: Far from crowds, feeling it's raw power up close.

  • Food & transportation: We'll enjoy a big, delicious, home-made, sunset dinner of local tapas & wine, plus fresh snacks during the day. Transportation from/to Lagos is also provided.

  • A sunset, stargazing & night walk: A West coast sunset is something to remember, but it's not the end of our day: We'll stay out late and squeeze every last drop out of the day. As the sky fades to dark, we'll finish our journey under dark skies for some world-class stargazing.  

  • Stories, music, learning, laughs, surprises, and more :) ​


Algarve Hiking Adventures | Lagos
Algarve Hiking Adventures | Lagos
Algarve Hiking Adventures | Lagos
Algarve Hiking Adventures | Lagos



This is a full-day 9 hour journey to a far away land. So, throw on your shoes & backpack, and let us take care of the rest of your day. It will be a memorable one.


Don't worry: We are not hiking the whole time! There is much, much more to the experience than just that. We spend about 5 hours actually hiking. 


This trip is, by nature, a physical experience and requires a basic level of good fitness and hard work to succeed. And that's the fun part! All you need, however, is a normal good level of fitness and, most importantly, the spirit for adventure, and you will love this experience. See the Trip Description and FAQ Page for more info. 

- AGE: This trip is designed for adults 18+ only. Have kids? Ask about a Private Tour!
- GROUP SIZE: Groups of 5+ people are required to create a private tour from June through September.


LOW SEASON: April, October :: €89

HIGH SEASON: May through September :: €99



Read my explanation of the prices HERE.

*** Still have questions? Read my FAQ page, then contact me for more info. ***


We depart between 1 - 3pm (depending on the time of year) and return well after dark.


For a full trip description and all the details you could ever need, click HERE.


You will be part of a small team of 9 other travelers and adventure-seekers from around the world. 



Length: Full-Day, 9 hours

When: Late-afternoon until after dark

Includes: Dinner, wine, snacks, sunset, stargazing

Highlights: Two big adventure hikes; endless views; close-up-encounters; sunset from the End of the World; homemade picnic dinner & wine; world-class stargazing; chance to swim; and much, much more.

The original, quintessential West Coast experience, an adventure for body, mind, soul & stomach. This big, hands-on hiking experience takes us across Europe's most dramatic coastal landscapes on a one-of-a-kind journey to the magical, mystical End of the World





Length: Two days, one night

Includes: All food and accommodation (aka camping gear!)

Highlights: Sleeping under the stars; disconnecting from our devices; reconnecting with our senses; a West Coast sunset; visit to the End of the World; camp cooking; world-class stargazing; friend-making and team-bonding; feelings of accomplishment; and much more.

Sleep under the stars on our biggest adventure yet! This trip includes all the Classic trip does, plus much, much more. This is the biggest, most immersive experience you can get of this magical place, an adventure in the truest sense of the word.





Length: Half-Day, 5.5 hours

When: Early afternoon until early evening

Includes: Snacks, drinks

Highlights: Two adventure hikes to two secret, dramatic beaches only accessible by foot; wild swimming (optional); cliff-jumping (optional); beach exploring and games; homemade tapas

Escape the summer crowds & discover the Algarve's most awesomely secret beaches & swimming spots. This is an active beach adventure that combines hiking, playing, swimming, relaxing, & exploring along some of Europe's last untouched stretches of sand.






Length: From a half-day to many days

When: Typically late afternoon until nighttime (but up to you!)

Includes: Dinner, wine, snacks, sunset, stargazing (depends on details)

Highlights: A adventure hand-tailored for your group; a sunset from the historic End of the World; a homemade picnic dinner; world-class stargazing; and more (details depend on you: the day is yours!)

A one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure hand-tailored just for you and your family, friends, or group. Young or old, big or small, no matter your group's hopes and dreams, there's an adventure out there for you. Let's go find it!





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