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'pilgrimage' treks

take your travels to the next level with my signature 'Journey to the End of the World' pilgrim's trek

A hand-crafted, all-inclusive adventure travel experience of 2 - 8 days

Sleep under the stars -- or in rural guesthouses -- on a mythical multi-day trek to the sacred End of the World, the goal of pilgrims, like us, for thousands of years. 

Nowadays, modern tourists visit the End of the World by car and bus, take a photo, and cross it off their list... but not us. We'll encounter this place by the old ways, with patience and effort, by putting one-foot-in-front-of-the-next. Along our journey, we'll uncover this coast's many hidden mysteries, histories, dramas, textures, and rhythms like no other experience allows. 


By combining the ethic of an ancient pilgrimage walk, with the attitude of a modern adventure tour, and the approach of my essential West Coast experience, we will encounter this coastline -- a sacred, magical land known since classical antiquity as the Holy Promontory -- in a truly deep, unique, and incredibly fun way.

Turn your vacation into something truly extra-ordinary with this one-of-a-kind travel experience, the biggest adventure in the land. 


go off-the-map

Our route follows marked & unmarked single-track footpaths along the edge of the sea, known as "fisherman" trails, all the way down the West coast to the historic End of the World.

This remote and revered corner of Europe, it's most southwestern point, has attracted pilgrims -- pagan, religious, secular, and mythical -- since classical times. Now, it is our turn.

stay out late

The overnight route is 2-days on trail and 1-night wild-camping along the way. For the truly adventurous, the journey can be extended for up to 8 days, mixing wild-camping with nights in small towns along the way, eating the local food and staying in comfortable rural accommodation.

fully customizable


much more than a walk

This is deep exploration. Along our way, we will relax on wild beaches, swim in the sea, explore ruined castles, nap in the sun, play games, share stories, enjoy the views, cook and eat, drink wine,  stretch our bodies, relax, enjoy plenty of "free time," and much, much more.


Nature will be our classroom, and we'll also learn about everything we can, from geology to history, mindfulness practices to outdoor survival skills.


Oh yeah, and the stars. Night brings truly world-class stargazing. To sleep under the stars is a highlight and, for some, once-in-a-lifetime. 

encounter all the land has to offer

We'll cross Portugal's most surprising landscapes all throughout: The country's tallest cliffs and most awesome-untouched beaches; deep, plunging ravines; wildflower-filled valleys; lost-in-time fishing villages; and rustic, pastoral countryside.


the big finish


PRICE (for 2021)

July, Aug, Sept: €99/person

April, May, June, Oct: €84/person

Student and "backpacker" discounts available!


Learn more about pricing & discounts HERE.

Book with confidence: I offer 100% flexibility during COVID with no-questions-asked cancellations, refunds, and postponements at any time.


-- Two adventure hikes, through two very different West Coast landscapes. 

-- Dinner & wine: A delicious, home-made dinner of local tapas & wine.

-- Transportation: See below for details.

-- Equipment rental: backpacks, jackets, beach towels, water bottles, and face masks available, as needed.

-- Insurance: You're totally covered, just in case.


Available from Lagos in my big old Volkswagen van, with the windows down (& music up!) and filled to 1/2 capacity only, per Portugal COVID regulations. If you have your own car, you might prefer to use it. If so, you will follow me from Lagos, or meet me out West. 


This is a full-day 8+ hour experience. So, throw on your shoes & backpack, and let me take care of the rest of your day. It will be a memorable one. 


Don't worry: We are not hiking the whole time! There is much more to the experience than just that. We spend about 4 hours actually hiking. 


We depart between 1 - 3pm and return between 9-11pm, or later, depending on the time of year.


In normal years, trips depart most days. For 2021, availability is uncertain and depends on demand. To check my availability, simply Request a Booking and we'll go from there. 


Luckily, this entire experience takes place outdoors in  fresh air, normally with a brisk sea breeze for good measure. There is no better activity for these days.
Regardless, I strive to do everything I can to create a safe and worry-free travel experience, and take pride in my planning, diligence, and safety protocols.
Some things have had to change: There's no more sharing dinner family style; I only fill my van to 1/2 capacity, and disinfect it everyday; social distance is maintained throughout; and emotional goodbye hugs are now elbow pounds :)
Read more: My COVID Promise


My tours are designed to be inclusive and accessible to most all people. However, they are also physical experiences that require a few basics things: 

  • A normal-good level of health and fitness

  • The desire to get your hands dirty and put in some good old-fashioned hard work,

  • The ability to (potentially) stretch your comfort zone at times while maintaining a smile :)

  • Most importantly: A sense of curiosity and spirit for adventure

GROUP TOUR: 17+ only.


Dinner is healthy, fresh, and friendly to (almost) all eaters, including veggie, vegan, and gluten-free. Meat and cheese are served on the side, so you can decide. After booking, I will ask for allergies & diet restrictions.


Read a full trip description and find all the details you could ever need, HEREThen, read the FAQ page, and Contact me for more info.

  • One night accommodation, aka all camping gear needed for a comfortable night sleep.

  • All meals, including a delicious dinner, breakfast, lunch, snacks, wine, and water.

  • A sunset and stargazing: We'll finish Day 1 with wine, stories, and world-class stargazing.

  • The End of the World, Europe's most remote and revered corner. Reaching this mysterious, dramatic, ancient pilgrimage site is the culmination of our whole journey. 

  • Lots of time to explore, relax, swim, and play, on your own or with your team members.

  • Several (optional) mini-adventures to get our hands dirty and challenge ourselves more.

  • Learning, lots of learning, about nature, history, the cosmos, outdoors survival, and more.

  • Laughs, hard work, team building, big views, swimming, sweat, dirt, surprises, and more. 


The Overnight Adventure is modeled off of our Classic Adventure, only bigger, more immersive, and more rewarding: With the extra time, we can go deeper, further, and closer into the coastline. We get more action, and more stillness. We have more time to explore, play, and get to know each other. By staying out overnight, we get the full experience of this majestic night sky, plus the rising sun. We eat more, play more, learn more, and also work harder. 


For a very detailed trip description, including itinerary, logistics, packing, and more, click here.


This tour is available as both a Private Tour for you and your group, or as a Group Tour that you can join with others.

- Private tours are available on request, and suitable for groups of 5+.

- Group tours are available with enough demand. Enquire for more info.


We meet on the afternoon of Day 1 and return on the evening of Day 2. We spend about 4 hours hiking on Day 1 and 5 hours on Day 2.


High Season (May - September) :: €249/person

Low Season (April & October) :: €229/person

Private versions of this tour cost more. Enquire for more info.

Learn more about pricing and "scholarships" HERE.


This trip is designed for normal healthy & active adults. A basic level of fitness and hard work is needed to succeed, but no special skills or previous experience is necessary. If you have a normal-good level of general fitness and, most importantly, the spirit for adventure, then you will love this experience. Please see the Trip Description for more.


Group Tour version: 17+
Private Tour version: Kids welcome!


All camping gear is provided. All you need to bring is clothing. I will provide a detailed packing list after you book, but it's all straightforward: Most likely, you have all the items in your closet or suitcase already. I have lots of gear for rental, as well. 


Read the full trip description and find all the details you could ever need, HERE. Then, see the FAQ page for answers to most all questions, then Contact us for more info.

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