One-of-a-kind hiking adventure tours to the Algarve's wild West Coast and historic End of the World.

Launching from Lagos, Portugal.

journeys of discovery for body, mind, soul & stomach

Somewhere out there... beyond the crowded beaches, past the last paved road, to the very edge of the map... you'll find hiding an undiscovered Algarve. 


Journey there with me for an active, educational, unconventional adventure tour you won't soon forget, promise.

Catch ya on the West side!

-- T.J.

Launching from Lagos, Portugal

One-of-a-kind hiking adventure tours to the Algarve's wild West Coast and historic End of the World


first of all, this is not a sightseeing tour...

Forget everything you think you know about guided tours: This is something surprisingly, refreshingly different.

I create small-group, off-the-map hiking adventure tours that are made with love & utterly unique.


My trips blend movement, action, & discovery with space for wonder, reflection, education, & appreciation, and I sprinkle it all with laughter, stories, music, food, & wine... lots of food & wine :)

My approach is unconventional: I choose wilderness and remoteness over guidebook tourist destinations; intentional, mindful travel over superficial sightseeing; discovery & learning opportunities over photo opportunities; rustic, physical experiences over easy, mass-market ones.

So, join me for a rewarding, full-sensory outdoor experience that will leave you sweaty, satisfied, inspired... and your belly full. 

Did I mention the food and wine?


handcrafted from the heart

Since 2013, I've put my whole heart into crafting, refining, and sharing this experience, one small batch at a time.

For me, this is not just a business: It's an expression of my passions, values, and personal vision of this special little piece of the planet. 


By joining me, I hope to share with you not just a fun time, but a meaningful time; not just a social-media moment, but a memory for life.


a journey to a land far, far away

This is not the Algarve you expected...


This is her magical, mysterious, mesmerizing West Coast, one of Europe's best preserved and last remaining coastal wildernesses.
This is the place thought for millennia to be the actual End of the World, and a place that still today feels like it just might be.

small groupS, big adventureS

Let's remember together the joy of disconnecting from our screens and reconnecting with our fellow humans. By keeping groups small (1-9 people), we can appreciate not just the landscapes around us, but inside us, and the connections between us. 

In these strange COVID times, I follow strict new health protocols so that we all stay safe while we continue to learn and grow together.

Private tours small or big are available on request.

but don't just take my word for it...

"A beautifully curated experience. From the locations and hike, to the food and wonderful company, every aspect has been so carefully considered... I’ve been traveling to Portugal for over ten years and this is hands down the best experience I have had there! I highly, highly recommend!"

Joanna T. | July 2019 | TripAdvisor


Bucket list-worthy hike with @westcoastlagos to stunning Cape St Vincent. A truly unforgettable day.


Today, I traveled to the end of the world. My heart is so full it's bursting. It has been the most incredible experience. 


What a special experience. It was far from just a hike. It was a learning experience, both intellectually and spiritually. Trust me. Do it.


Was really surprised how a shared experience of nature can make a group of strangers feel as though they've known each other forever.


An awe-inspiring day on the west coast of Portugal with the best tour guide



Today I chased a sunset to the end of the world. It was beyond amazing.

#grateful #westcoastlagos


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