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One-of-a-kind adventures to the Algarve's wild West Coast & End of the World.

The Algarve's original hiking, eating, and outdoor adventure tour experience

Launching from Lagos Portugal -- Since 2013

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Somewhere out there, beyond the bars and beach cafés... passed the last paved road... to the very edge of the map... you'll find hiding a wild and undiscovered Algarve.


Journey there with me & experience the wondrous West Coast & historic End of the World on a hands-on adventure you won't soon forget. 

Catch ya on the West side,

olá, Adventurers!

- T.J. -



This is her wild side, the continent's most remote corner, Europe's frontier coastline. 


This is a place thought for millennia to be the actual edge of the earth, and a place that still today feels like it just might be.


No, this is not the Algarve you know...

This is her rugged, wondrous, wonderfully-wild West Coast.

To experience this place we must use our hands, legs & hearts to leave the beaten path and go deep into the coast's most wild and undiscovered landscapes. 

Our destination? Europe's most remote and revered corner, The End of the World.


As we watch the sun melt into the sea, we'll fill our bellies with food & wine, squeeze every last drop out of the day, and finish under world-class starry skies.


No, this is not a sightseeing tour... and it's not just a hiking tour...


This is an experience tour, a journey for body, mind, soul and stomach.



other travelers have said nice things...

and some bloggers & writers have, too.

The west coast was beautiful and deserted and felt ancient. I felt like a kid again. Scrambling, jumping, crawling. And a smile was plastered on my face the whole time.

Perhaps one can never truly know something so complex and mysterious as a sea cliff, but one can get awful close when exploring with T.J.

We’ve been guided into the wilderness by a big-spirited and humble American called TJ, who wants us all to experience the same peace and joy that he does in these remote hideouts.

It’s the Algarve, but not as you know it. Join TJ and you’ll explore a wilder and more rugged Algarve than you’re used to! 

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