about the EXPERIENCE

first of all, this is not the algarve you expected:

This is her wild side, a place thought for millennia to be the actual End of the World, and a place that still today feels like it just might be.

AND this is not a sight-seeing tour:

This is a doing-feeling-exploring tour, a hand-hearts-and-whole-bodies encounter with the natural world.


so WHAT WILL WE actually BE DOING?

Well, each journey is hand-crafted from scratch, so no two are ever the same. However, on every trip, we will...

JOURNEY WEST to explore the Algarve's Vicentine Coast Natural Park, one of Europe's last remaining coastal wilderness.

ESCAPE THE CROWDS, and all signs of civilization, to immerse ourselves in the natural world.

HIKE, WALK, & RAMBLE our way across the tallest cliffs in Portugal; along wild, untouched beaches; through stunning, secluded landscapes; and to dramatic viewpoints no one else knows of.

LEARN the land's many rich & surprising natural/cultural histories using storytelling and our senses.

REACH THE END OF THE WORLD, Europe's most remote & mythical piece of land, then have an up-close, out-of-the-ordinary encounter with it (just wait and see!).


EAT & DRINK a delicious, gourmet, homemade sunset picnic dinner of tapas & wine, featuring the best local delicacies and highlighting the region's rich and diverse tradition of flavors.


WATCH THE SUNSET over the Atlantic from the clifftops at the End of the World, then...


STARGAZE at world-class dark skies, and learn how Portuguese discoverers used them to navigate. 


SOAK IT ALL UP, going slow throughout to wander, reflect, relax, and appreciate the experience.





The original, quintessential West Coast experience.

>> A small group-tour experience for all travelers age 17+. 



Sleep under the stars on our most immersive experience yet.

>> Available on-demand as a private or small group-tour experience.




An adventure just for you and your family or group.

>> For groups of all ages, interests, sizes, and abilities. 

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