handcrafted hiking adventure tours to the Algarve's wild West coast

and historic end of the world

One-of-a-kind explorations for body, mind, soul & stomach

Somewhere out there... beyond the crowds & beaches, past the last paved road... to the very edge of the map... you'll find hiding a wild & undiscovered Algarve.


Journey there with us for an active, educational, unconventional outdoor adventure you won't soon forget. 

Catch ya on the West side!

-- T.J. & The West Coast Adventure Co.

forget everything you think you know about tours:

This is something refreshingly different.

We create soulful, surprising, small-group hiking adventure tours that are made with love and utterly unique. 


Our immersive outdoor experiences blend movement, action, & discovery with space for wonder, reflection, education, & appreciation, and we sprinkle it all with laughter, storytelling, music, food, and wine... lots of food and wine.

Our approach is out-of-the-ordinary: We choose wilderness and remoteness over guidebook tourist destinations; intentional, mindful travel over superficial sightseeing; discovery & learning opportunities over photo opportunities; rustic, physical experiences over easy, mass-market ones.

So, leave the crowds behind and join us for a rewarding, full-sensory experience that will leave you sweaty, satisfied, inspired... and your belly full. 

Did we mention the delicious food and wine?

but don't just take our word for it...

Other travelers say this will be the highlight of your trip... The guacamole is apparently delicious, as well.

I felt like a kid again: Scrambling, jumping, crawling. And a smile was plastered on my face the whole time.

Perhaps one can never truly know something so complex and mysterious as a sea cliff, but one can get awful close when exploring with T.J.

It’s the Algarve, but not as you know it. Join TJ and you’ll explore an Algarve you’re not used to! 

TJ lost his heart to Portugal, and his passion is to make this truly beautiful tour. 

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Bucket list-worthy hike with @westcoastlagos to stunning Cape St Vincent. Unforgettable day.


One of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. It's beautiful to know there are still places that hold so much mystery. Thank you for this one-of-a-kind experience.


Dreaming about our wondrous hike and this jaw-dropping sunset #takemeback


Today, I traveled to the end of the world. My heart is so full it's bursting. It has been the most incredible. 


What a special experience. It was far from just a hike. It was a learning experience, both intellectually and spiritually. Trust me. Do it.


Was really surprised how a shared experience of nature can make a group of strangers feel as though they've known each other forever.


An awe-inspiring day on the west coast of Portugal with the best tour guide



Today I chased a sunset to the end of the world. It was beyond amazing.

#grateful #westcoastlagos


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